What is your opinion on the article format used by Axios?

The news organization Axios uses what it calls “Smart Brevity,” which is a format for writing newsletters and news articles. Instead of traditional paragraphs, it makes heavy use of standardized headings like “Driving the news” and “Why it matters,” followed commonly by bullet points. Articles are usually only about 300 words.

If you’re interested, you can watch this TED talk from the founder, or you can read Axios’ manifesto. They both touch on the motivation for using this format. Alternatively, you can just look at some of the articles from the Axios website.


  • What are your thoughts on this format for newsletters and news articles? Which parts do you like, and which don’t you like?

  • Should your own preferred sources of news use this format, or something similar?

  • Can simply changing the format of a news platform have any impact on the way that news is understood? (In their manifesto, Axios loosely implies that their format makes for more honest and ethical reporting.)

  • Does the use of this format help Axios toward the goals they state in their manifesto?

  • Do you have any other general thoughts on the relationship between the format of how news is delivered, and the impact of that news?

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