What is your take on the GOP largely blocking the PACT Act?




List of those who flipped their vote: https://twitter.com/JustinPGoodman/status/1552715082420965376

Based on the 3rd source link, the change that was made was based on a debate from the Veteran Affairs Committee that was of concern for the House to pass it in June and was successfully amended. Why do you think so much of the GOP suddenly reverse their original decision to support the cause when nothing of actual substance changed?

In June, the bill passed the Senate 84-14. The legislation was ready to be passed by the House, but the bill was delayed as there was one section of the legislation that was being debated by Veterans Affairs Committee leaders.

The bill had to be revised to remove an obscure tax provision that raised a constitutional concern in the House, according to Roll Call. The House passed the revised version on July 13 on a 342-88 vote and sent the package back to the Senate with only a minor change.

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