What lessons should America take from this election? How should we apply what we’ve learned to future elections?

Stepping back from party and partisanship, consider all of the ups and downs of this election cycle over the last 2 years. In your opinion…

  • What went wrong?
  • What went right?
  • What do you think could be done better?
  • What do you think went perfectly?
  • What lessons do you hope we as a country learn from this election?
  • What, if any, reforms would you advocate for the next election?
  • How universal do you think your opinions are? In other words, would you expect non-TS to have the same opinions?

Topics related to the election include, but are not limited to…

  • Election security (e.g. poll watching, vote validation, legislation, etc.)
  • Electoral college and the mechanics of determining winners
  • The role of media (TV news, web news, social media, forums like Reddit, etc.)
  • The role of “bottom-up” initiatives (protests, voter outreach, grassroots fundraising, etc.)
  • The role of “top-down” initiatives (rallies, political ads, super-PACs, campaign strategizing, debates, etc.)
  • Foreign and domestic election interference (e.g. voter fraud, voter suppression, ballot tampering, social engineering / propaganda, “October surprises”, etc.)
  • Voting mechanics – i.e. how we vote, laws regulating voting, how votes are tabulated (e.g. first-past-the-post)
  • Intangibles, by which I mean standards, customs, traditions, and so on

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