What should be the next national project in the US?

A national project is a somewhat vague term but in it’s broadest sense it can be described as:

The notion of a national project, in its broadest sense, refers to an initiative that is carried out in the entire territory of a country or that aspires to reach all regions of that territory. The most common use of the concept is in the field of politics. It is usually spoken of as a national project to name the measures of a government or the proposals of a political party that aspire to contemplate the interests and needs of all the inhabitants of a country.

I know this is a very broad definition so I’d like to narrow it a bit for the sake of convenience, when I am referring to a national project I am thinking of things that had fairly broad support among both voters and politicians, regardless of party preference. Examples of this in the US could include (please note that the following examples that I’m listing should not be seen as a something I agree or disagree with, it’s just what I could think of off the top of my head):

  • Winning the Space Race/Landing on the Moon (I feel that no matter your party preference, most people were thrilled that we landed on the moon)
  • WW2 (Average citizens volunteered to serve in huge numbers, bought war bonds, and even did things like donating snow shovels to have enough aluminum for the war effort)
  • Ending the Great Depression (I know this is very tied to WW2, but I figured I’d throw it in)
  • Settling the lands that would eventually become the Western United States.
  • Defeating the Soviet Union both culturally and economically.

So my question is, what should be the next National Project of the US? And I’m not trying to be restrictive, it could be anything from establishing a moon base, to invading Australia. I’m just interested in what you think every American can get behind?

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