What should happen to individuals who do not produce?

Broadly speaking, some folks are in favor of social safety nets and others aren’t.

There are people who do not work or produce and have no desire to do so. Current options for those folks are things like living with their family, living off welfare, homelessness, jail cells, maybe even death. Some TSs would probably agree with the idea that if somebody cannot take care of themselves, it is not up to individual people to pay taxes to the government in order help them.

So my question is … what should be done about these people? And please don’t reply with “they should work and earn” … because yes, ideally they should, nobody is debating that. But that’s not going to happen in all cases. There will always be folks who have no motivation or drive. I’m specifically asking what should happen to the individuals who choose to never produce and have no family to fall back on.

TS’s are not a monolith and I’d love to hear opinions across the spectrum on this.

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