Why are your thoughts on the price of college and the current system in relation to higher education?

~For the record, I am not for free college, I AM for helping curb the costs of college which brought up this question.~

On average, college students take 15-20 college credits that are not related to their major. The average credit cost is $559. Meaning the average student is paying $13,000 in credit costs for courses that are not related to the major.

Do you believe changing the structure to focus on specific majors would be a good way to help with the cost of higher education?

Are GenEd classes good for people to take?

College graduates also are better for the economy. People with a college degree on average make $32,000 more a year than those without. Over a lifetime they pay $510,000more in taxes than those with a high school degree.

At the same time they use $82,000 less from government expenditures (Medicaid, housing, unemployment etc..).

This ultimately means that those with college degrees put more money into the government and take less from them.

Low income students according to NASFAA can only afford 1 out of 5 colleges they apply to. Meaning those in poverty and low income are less likely to attend college or receive a degree and less money being put into the economy.

Do you believe a push to make college more affordable compared to free is a move the government should focus on?

Is affordable college an issue that could be more bipartisan than free education?

What do you believe is an ideal way to make college more affordable and accessible?

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