Why do you think some Democrats are attempting to ideologically normalize transgenderism?

Having become a recent follower of LibsofTikTok, I am now exposed on a regular basis to photos and videos depicting situations taking place between small children and transgender performers – i.e. “drag queens” – almost all of it occuring in public settings and in plain sight of other adults (presumably the parents of the children, or, in cases where the setting is a public school, teachers and school administrators).

If you haven’t had the pleasure, you can visit the LibsofTikTok Twitter account to get an idea of what I am referring to. You will not have to scroll very far, as there is an incredible amount of material.

Among the many acts that now appear to be taking place on a daily basis and then uploaded to the internet to be shared with the world at large are: children under 10 years old being instructed to give cash to performing drag queens (as if they were tipping a stripper); children being exposed to scantily clad (and in some cases naked) adults in parades as well as nightclub-type situations that only a few years ago were considered only for adults; and the children themselves performing sexually-suggestive routines cross-dressed – all to the rapturous applause . . . of their own parents.

For the purpose of my question, however, I am curious as to what TS think is going on upstairs with the adults who are aggressively exposing children to these public, transgender-focused exhibitions. What is driving these adults – psychologically and emotionally speaking – towards this behavior? For instance, consider this photo.

What strikes me about it is not so much the foreground – which, at this point, is typical of these exhibitions – but the background. Look at their faces. They are practically beaming. Why does the exposure of a child to a drag queen produce this reaction of overwhelming happiness? It is the parents who are becoming overwhelmingly thrilled and excited by this situation. But why? What kind of internal affirmation are they experiencing when they take part such an events – which increasingly seem to have a ritualistic vibe?

I ask because it seems to be that this is the true power of this burgeoning transgender ideology – not the children, not the drag performers, but the parents. As anyone who follows LibsofTikTok knows, this phenomenon has become widespread – it is not niche, it is not infrequent, it’s happening on a daily basis around the country and it is being carried out in a concerted, organized way. Please give me your opinions on what underlying motivation is driving these folks to encourage young kids – their own children – to participate in what are essentially sexual spectacles.

(As this phenomenon is closely identified with the critical culture that has become embedded on the Left, I take for granted that most of the people who appear on LibsofTikTok are Democrats. However, I am well aware that not all Democrats agree that these types of exhibitions are appropriate for children to be exposed to. Nevertheless, the Democrat party has taken up the mantle of support for normalizing transgender ideology, and that is why I said “some Democrats)” in the question.)

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