Why should the Supreme Court Justices have special protections over other essential government workers?

In the news recently we’ve seen protests in front of SC Justices homes, a guy seemingly readying himself to kill a justice, and likely others plotting to kill one. Based on what I’ve seen of US Code attempting to indimidate a Justice like this is illegal, but it has me wondering, why just them?

For instance, election officials counting or certifying votes should be unbiased and free from intimidation to do their jobs, but I feel like current law doesn’t bar protests in front of their homes or attempts to intimidate them in relation to their job.

So, is it appropriate for Justices to get special protections?

How about for other government employees, specifically election workers?

Link to threat against the Justice – https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/06/08/kavanaugh-threat-arrest-justice/

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