Would you support a forced splintering of the two-party system into 4 parties?

It seems a big part of American democracy’s issues these days have to do with the two party system and the total war us-vs-them mentality that I see on both sides. Like both sides seem to treat the other side as their primary enemy vs other countries, which has to be a historical first since at least the Civil War?

But within each side of the 2 parties, there are the establishment factions (old school Republicans and Democrats, both of whom seem more mainstream/middle-of-road) and the more extreme elements (Dem progressive wing, TSers).

What if there was like an EO or something similar forcing a split on both sides? Not sure how President is determined then since your system is so different than a multi-party parliament.

Let’s say this happened somehow, would there be an opportunity for factions and deal-making like in most other developed democracies? I imagine on most central issues, the right wing parties will vote together and the left wing parties will, but perhaps some of the other common ground (anti-corporate influence, opposition to foreign wars, etc) among the progressive arms would lead to interesting bed-fellows.

Could break the logjams, and hopefully break down the hyper partisan bickering?

Would TSers welcome this or not? Thx

(Forgive my ignorance of American civics, I’m Canadian!)

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