Yesterday the January 6th committee held their last hearing and released their final report. What do you think about the body of evidence that they produced?

The summary of the report is widely available, and this article describes their material this way:

Over 18 months, the committee has spoken to more than 1,000 witnesses, including many in Trump’s inner circle, such as his children, high-level Trump administration officials and former aides, as well as former members of his White House legal team.

What do you think about the evidence collected by the committee? Qualitatively, do you think it’s a good record of what happened on that day? What event or events may be missing from the record, and what evidence of those events exists (if any)?

For those who believe the election was stolen from Trump, how does the Jan. 6th Committee’s supporting evidence compare to the evidence for that theory?

CBS News article

Breitbart article

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